Istanbul is one of the most-visited cities by tourists around the world. Everyone coming to the city seeks for restaurants serving delicious foods from the Turkish cuisine to the other cuisines. We have prepared a list of the best premium restaurants in Istanbul for you. Enjoy your meal in advance; here are the venues!

Çiya Kebap

Çiya Kebap is ranked Number One on the list. This venue makes the best kebab in Istanbul, you should absolutely try it. It is possible to find many different varieties in the restaurant, from the Ottoman cuisine to the Mesopotamian meals, the Balkans to the Asian meals. Minced meat is blended with ingredients such as yoghurt, walnuts, parsley and mozzarella at the venue. You will witness a magnificent feast of tastes.


Mikla Restaurant

Mikla Restaurant is one of the most special venues in Beyoğlu. It is located on the rooftop of the Marmara Pera Hotel. It is an award-winning restaurant and its owner is Mehmet Gürs. You can have a wonderful dinner at Mikla with its wonderful view and relaxing music. You can try each of the unique flavors here, and treat your beloved ones.


Asitane Restaurant

The next venue is Asitane Restaurant. Travelers love this venue. The reason is that it offers the flavors from the Ottoman Period. Fascinating everyone with its view of the Chora Church; this restaurant prepares meals with the traditional cooking steps. Some of these methods are more than 500 years old, which is why they attract attention. You should absolutely try the meals such as almond chicken and saffron rice. We would not be mistaken if we say that the heart of Turkish gastronomy is beating here.


Leb-i Derya

When you go to the Leb-i Derya, one of the most famous premium restaurants in Istanbul, there are several meals and snacks that you should absolutely try. These are lamb skewers with plums and the spicy rice seasoned with fresh thyme, pomegranate molasses and pine nuts. Do not forget to try sea foods containing plenty of salmon, shrimp and squid. You can also ask for the tomato cream sauce along with your meals. If you do not wish to consume sea foods, you can check the pasta types.



Beyti is located very close to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It is a well-known meat restaurant, and it is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists every year. Owned by Beyti Güler; this restaurant offers you the perfect flavors of our country with great pleasure. Everybody loves the space decoration inspired by the Turkish art from the Ottoman period. If you need to eat meat tonight, do not look elsewhere!


Turk Fatih Tutak Restaurant

Turk Fatih Tutak Restaurant is located in the center of Istanbul. Located in Şişli, this special restaurant offers the most delicious meals from the Turkish cuisine with great pleasure. Their staff is always friendly and helpful. It is very famous for its appetizers. It impresses everyone with its fragrant breads and vegetable and meat dishes that are instantly cooked and served there. This venue has received the Michelin star award twice. It is the only venue in Turkey to receive this award for two times. For this reason, many people desire to visit this venue for dinner every year.


Sunset & Grill Bar

Sunset Grill & Bar creates a fascinating impact with its view of the Bosphorus Bridge. You can review the menu for numerous meal options. Its quality is worth trying, you can find very nice tastes. You will fall in love with their California style grilled meats. You can also taste the classic flavors such as sushi and risotto. Nowadays, the local/foreign tourists, who take interest in the Japanese cuisine, generally love this venue.

Asmalı Cavit

We are finishing the list with Asmalı Cavit. Located on the Asmalı Mescit Street, this venue is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. It is also an award-winning tavern. It fascinates everyone with its authentic ambiance. It satisfies everyone with its different varieties of appetizers, octopus salad, muska böreği (triangler shaped pastry) and the liver meals prepared with special methods. If you would like to eat fresh meatballs and fish, you should absolutely visit this venue.



Nusr-Et was opened in Istanbul in 2010 by the Turkish butcher Nusret Gökçe. Currently, it has branches at many different locations. Nusr-Et, known as a beefsteak restaurant, attracts interest with its highly-delicious meat dishes. Today, many well-known figures visit Nusr-Et regularly.